Vocational Interest Profile - VI-PRO

Accurate insights into successful career planning

Gain accurate insights into individual vocational preferences for successful career planning and development.

Used to examine a person’s vocational fit, the VI-Pro report is a quick and easy to use profiling tool that identifies a person’s job preferences across a range of work families and activities.

It has been designed to provide deeper insights into a person’s vocational interests to facilitate effective career planning. VI-Pro is designed for career counsellors, coaches, trainers, HR and L&D professionals looking to gain insights into person-vocation fit and increase their knowledge about an individual’s fit with their current or prospective career path.

Scientifically proven and validated

VI-Pro is part of the ABA suite of profiling tools and reports. It is the result of extensive research and development led by Professor Stephen A. Woods, a leading authority on personality, and a renowned team of work psychologists at Aston Business Assessments.

As a result of extensive evaluations and research projects into vocational interest, personality and career outcomes, VI-Pro was designed to be easy to use and is accurate.

Real-world results

In our scientific studies and real-world use of our tools we have shown the value that the ABA suite of products can bring to those facilitating development, career planning and training. Case studies, testimonials and statistics can be provided on request.

How it works

Designed by science for individuals and businesses, VI-Pro is ideal for successful career planning, leveraging strengths and developing skills needed to achieve thriving in a current or prospective career. VI-Pro is a measure of eight job interest areas which detail a broad range of work:



Practical Working

Creative Working



Business Leadership

Business Development

For all dimensions, to help you maximise the insights from VI-Pro, the report also provides:

  • Dimension review and implications of preference for behaviour
  • Guidance to facilitate reflection and identify development needs
  • Guidance for priority development action planning
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Concise, relevant and fast

Both the assessment and report are concise, succinct, relevant to vocational interest and are structured for career and development planning. They highlight key strengths, preferences and patterns of behaviour characteristic of specific work families and provide development actions to enable planning and coaching.

The online test takes just 10 minutes to complete, after which you can instantly download or email easy-to-read reports, which can be accessed at any time, from anywhere.

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Customised to your organisation

ABA’s suite of tools is designed to give employers, consultants and HR professionals secure access to deep, comprehensive psychometrics data instantly, from wherever they are. With varying levels of customisation available, your reports can easily be adapted to your people, organisation or industry.

Choose from a variety of customisation options including company branding/logo/colours, corporate framework and competencies, industry language and web skins.

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Trait Online is subscription based, to give you unlimited access to reports throughout the year. You simply choose your preferred subscription level and pay one fee upfront using your preferred payment method.

Ready to use and easy to navigate from day one, assessments, data and reports are customized to your requirements, and quick to set up, navigate and download.

With ten comprehensive reports that draw on 13 key personality traits, the Big Five personality structure, and crucial job competencies, our online psychometric products will give you the power to make confident decisions about who to employ and how to develop your workforce.

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Vocational Interest Profile - VI-PRO

Gain accurate insights into individual vocational preferences for successful career planning and development

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