Personality Testing at Work: Making A Positive Impact

Reference Cases | April 10 2018

The Consultant Experience

Using a bespoke workshop TIHG supported the Partnership of a healthcare organisation with a transition process, as part of an organisational restructure. The Partnership had been discussing the reallocation of a retiring Managing Partner’s roles and responsibilities and wanted to better understand the strengths, preferences, and experiences of each Partner. Previous discussions had experienced some tension, mainly arising from an over-focus on capacity and some doubts over the fairness of the process.

The Trait Leadership Evaluation report provided the team with insights into individual’s competency scores and their implications on behaviour and performance. Results were also aggregated for the whole team and presented back, in order to provide assurance over the team’s capability and to help identify the areas where the greatest range of scores lay.

The Trait Leadership Evaluation report was a powerful tool for helping the team to better understand themselves and their colleagues. Significantly, each individual was able to step away from the transition process and reflect on the content of their reports, before sharing their most important strengths and development needs with each other. The process, supported by the evidence and insights of Trait, allowed for productive discussions to emerge and the reallocation process to continue with a greater awareness and consideration of strengths, experiences, and preferences.

Grant Spry, The Innovations in Healthcare Gateway


The Client Experience

I approached a qualified Trait coach to assist the Partnership of a healthcare organisation, which was facing a number of challenges: conflict, trust, lack of a shared strategy and staff changes to their Partnership. The Trait tool and approach allowed the Partnership to reflect on self, others, and team. It pulled out the strengths and areas for development in a language that was useful for them as a healthcare business. Through careful facilitation, we used the Trait analysis to enable Partners to discuss their changing roles and disparate contributions. Prior to this, Partners had been isolated and distrusting of one another’s ideas and actions. I’d highly recommend using the Trait analysis to allow a management team a fresh insight into who they are and how they work together.

Matt Cope, The Improvement Network


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